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The Membership Database Application provides a mechanism for Organizations that host with Fred's Used Websites to maintain a database of their members on the website.  The database not only provides a way for members to log in and access private information but also allows members to be listed in the public directory. This application features:

  • Opt-in directory of members, permitting your membership to showcase their offerings and visitors to browse or search through the online directory
  • You can create a hierarchy of groups to categorize your membership. Members can assign themselves to groups or you can limit assignment capability to administrative members.
  • Groups are used to define site roles and capabilities such as Site Administrator, Member Manager, Group Manager, Send Group Mail, Site Contact, etc.
  • A personal web page for every member that chooses to create one.  Users will have access to the on site content editor to create their pages and do not require any additional software.
  • Site content editing is enabled by TinyMCE, a powerful platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB.
  • A site mailer permits visitors to the site to send mail from a web page to a designated contact group.
  • Mechanisms to protect your member's e-mail addresses from harvesting by spammers.  Members can "mask" their actual e-mail address by receiving e-mail messages sent by the Site Mailer to their account from a mail page on the site.
  • Automatic opt-in website link back.  Members can enter the web address of their own website as part of their personal information.  This is added to the site's link page automatically if the member wants it public.
  • Ability for the system administrator to edit site pages directly on the site by clicking an edit-content icon when viewing a page.
  • Ability for the system administrator to add/remove site pages, automatically inserting/removing links to those pages from the site's main navigation menus.
  • Integration with other features available from Fred's Used Websites.
  • Help links on the website leading to help topics described here.

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